How do we Start With SharePoint 2013

Let’s Start with SharePoint 2013.

Once you receive SharePoint 2013 environment, you will similarly have a Central Administration as in previous versions of SharePoint.

Please find the following the screenshot of the Central Administration for SharePoint 2013.


Now we will prepare to work on SharePoint 2013, so what do we need?

First we need: “Web Application” >> “Site Collection” >> “Our Site”.

So let’s start by creating our web application.

We click on “Manage web applications”:


As in SharePoint’s other versions we similarly create a new web application:



But here when we click on “New”:


The following dialog opens that gives a rich look at SharePoint 2013:


Where the following form opens up, Now the new version of SharePoint 2013 comes in here.

The forms have multiple new features.

First you need to create a IIS Web Site since it is helpful when creating a new web application.

You can provide a host header name.


You have the option to provide the SSL Certificate in your site, You can enable authentication as NTLM or Kerberos.




In the Failover Database server you get an option to put a secondary SQL Server connected to your web app.



Now we will create a Site Collection.

Where the following form opens up:


Just an added advantage here, a user can choose their view whether they need a 2010 or a 2013 viewer’s experience.

When we are done, welcome to our Site in SharePoint 2013.


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