Create a New Site of SharePoint 2013

Kindly refer to my first article to learn how to start with SharePoint 2013:

Here is the first look of the SharePoint site you created:


Below you will find the default web part in the Homepage.

Let’s proceed one by one.

  • Share Your Site

    The sharing enables you to share the site with a person or a group.


    Then here you can even provide permission on a user level as to edit, view only, Full Control and administrator.


  • Now let’s see working on a deadline

    It’s a feature they have provided with the Collaboration of a Calendar and a Task list.


    On clicking “Add Item” we get the following page web part generated on the Home Page:


    As you can see here we have a Task List with the Calendar displaying months.


    On the web part we have other options, like Gantt Chart, Late Tasks, My Tasks and Upcoming Views with the option for creating and modifying views. We will get into the details in my next article.


    Clicking on Task, we can add a new Task Name, Due Date and Assigned To as default values. You can add more columns by clicking on the “+” icon there and you can directly add columns like Text, Number, Date and Time, Person or group and other column types directly.

    Clicking on the task you will find the following Task ribbon. We will cover that in detail in my next article on Tasks.


    Clicking on list interface, you will find the following List Riibbon.


    Clicking on TimeLine, you will find the following ribbon.


  • Add lists, libraries and other apps.

    In this tab you can add the side contents as lists, libraries and other contents of SharePoint.

    Kindly find below all the various types of UI Contents.





  • Then we have a tab called What’s your style?

    Where you can change the look and feel of the site using elegant Themes.


  • Finally the tab “Your Site” for your brand.

    Here you can provide the Title, Description and Logo to the site.


    You can inset a logo from your computer or from within a site.


    From Computer:


    From your site:


    Then we have a newsfeed in one of the tabs.


  • Newsfeed

    It is like a post in Facebook where you can start a conversation and invite more people, where you can post comments and people can like or comment on it.


  • Our last part on our Home Page is “Documents”.


    Here you can add a document.


    Where you have an edit option and share option to provide permissions and follow them to see all the changes in the versions. We also have added options like View, Edit and others on the tab, that we will discuss later in my other bolg.


  • On our Left Navigation we have the following links:


    Here if you need a new link we need not go to the site settings. You can directly click on the Edit Links options. You can drag an item that will initiate a link automatically or you can add it yourself as in the following.


  • Then let us see our Global Navigation and the top link bar.


    We have a Browse option to search and a Page option to edit or modify the Time Line of our own site.

    Then we have Share, to provide permissions in your site. Follow to get all notifications on all changes in your site ,Sync to synchronize the document library and the last symbol to expand the page by removing the left navigation view.

    In the top link you will see Newsfeed and SkyDrive for cloud storage of all your documents and the Sites displaying all your sites, Administrator as the user details, then we have Site settings and finally a help icon.

We have completed all the parts of your Home Page of a newly Created SharePoint 2013 Site.

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