Your Own Personal Site in Office 365 or SharePoint 2013

Yes it is true, now you can have your own personal site in SharePoint 2013 and not only you, all the users associated with your site or anyone that has access to it can have their own personal site.

I know you have the question, why Microsoft does that, even I had one but here it is.

Your Own Personal Site.

Let’s see what we have as our own site.

  • Click on “Sites” on the top of navigation of your respective sites.

    respective site

  • You will see the screen below:
    • On the right side you will see the sites suggestions you are a part of or you should be a part of.
    • In the following we have the sites you are following. As written there to follow a site go to the site and click on the star button and then it will be available here on your screen.
    • Now on the top you have the links to create a Public site or a Team Site.
  • You might still not believe me.

    create public site

  • Click on Public Site.
  • Welcome to your own personal site.
  • You will need to login by Facebook or Twitter to configure your very own site.

    configure your very own site

  • You have your own tabs configured as the default.
    • First is Home that states the same as you need to do.

      “This is the home page of your website and the first thing that visitors will see when they reach your website on the internet. Make this page the most engaging part of your site by including text, images and interesting content. Describe your business and the products or services that you offer and provide more detailed information on the remaining pages of your website.”

      Here you can configure your website the way you want to.

      about us

    • In a similar way you have a page named About Us, it also states all the information you require.

      “The about us page is a great place to talk about your business, your history, your philosophy and your employees. You might also share an inspiring story about your product. Your visitors will likely come to this page to get a feel for who you are and why they should do business with you. Use this page to show your value, reputation and trust.”

      enter company name

    • Then we have a way you have a page named Contact Us. Here you can provide your details and can ask the viewer to post his queries through a form.

      enter company detail

    • Again a page depicting a map with directions to your company, home or shop.

      wellcome to my blog

    • Lastly you will have your own blog set up, with an RSS Feed and an alert option.
  • Another option you have is to create your own Team Site.

    wellcome to your site

  • So here it is your own personal site that you can configure and set it live.

Again a new learning, isn’t it?

Keep Learning!!


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