InfoPath Form in SharePoint 2013: Part 2 (Form Settings)

As in my last article we saw all the functionalities related to our forms through Info Path. Now in this article I will show you the settings of InfoPath forms in SharePoint 2013.

Select the “File” menu, you will be able to see all the form settings available.

sharepoint form information

Form Information

First what we will see from our screen below is Publish your form.

Once you are finished designing the form, you can click on Quick Publish, the form will be published and the users can use the form.

publish form in sharepoint

Submit Options

Then we have Submit Options.

form submit option in sharepoint

An option to submit the data and storing the data to:

  1. SharePoint List
  2. Send through an Email
  3. In SharePoint Document Library
  4. In a different location using web service
  5. In a different location using web server
  6. Or to a hosting environment
  7. Lastly by Managing Connections

It also gives you an option to display a Submit Button or you can change it.

sharepoint document liberary

Then when you click on Advanced, you have an option to write a custom error message to notify the users if the form fails to submit.

You also have an option to change the flow of submit by providing the following three options:

  1. Close the form
  2. Open a new form
  3. Leave the form open

submit option in sharepoint

Design Checker

design checker in sharepoint

When you click on Design Checker it will check whether or not all the fields are attached properly to their columns; whether all the data connections are working fine and other compatibilities are valid in the form.

Once checked it will show the status as checked.

If some issue is discovered then it will come up here in the following dialog box.

sharepoint list form

Advanced form options

Advanced form options

Here we have advanced options for the design and to customize how the users will fill in this form.

  1. Web Browser

    web browser option in sharepoint

    The Web Browser provides an option to show InfoPath Commands in the Ribbon or on a toolbar where you can assign the position of the toolbar to the top, bottom or both.

    You can also configure the settings to your respective new, edit and view parts of the forms.

  2. Filler Features

    file feature in sharepoint

    Here you can select these functions for the users to use when they are filling in this form.

    1. Save and Save As
    2. Export to Web
    3. Export to Microsoft Excel
    4. Export to PDF or XPS
    5. Print
    6. Send to Mail Recipient
    7. Auto save (Auto Recover)
  3. Offline

    offline option in sharepoint

    A concept where you can allow the users to fill in the form when the form is offline and is not connected. Here data may be unavailable because the form cannot connect to the data sources and when being offline the data might not be available.

Next we have Store data that are returned from queries so that it can be used in Offline Mode so it will store them temporarily and you can even assign an expiration interval too.

  • Compatibility


    Here it just means the versions or types of repository this form will be compatible to as in here it is a SharePoint List Form.

  • Versioning


    Here in versioning we have a Form template version where we have a Version Number of the form as to how many times it has been published, then we have an option to choose whether you want the template to be updated automatically and lastly an option to update the existing forms.

  • Advanced

    advanced option in sharepoint

    Here in this advanced box you can enable merging that allow the users to merge the data of multiple forms into one.

    You can set up default values for this form.

    To have a default value as zero for mathematical operations occurring in the field controls.

  • Form Statistics

    form template properties

    On the right side of the from settings you will find the Form Statistics. Here you have Form Teplate Properties that you can see as in the screen below.

    You have Name, ID, Desciption and Category to choose from.

    templete in sharepoint

  • Left Navigation

    publish option in sharepoint.jpg

On the left part of the form settings are the File menu where we have the following commands:

  1. Save
  2. Save As
  3. Open
  4. Close
  5. Info : It has the info for the form
  6. Recent: It will display the recent forms worked on.
  7. New: It will create a new form with lot of new templates as shown below.

    You have the following Templates in the following category:

    • Popular Form Templates
    • Advanced Form Templates
    • InfoPath 2007 Form Templates
    • Template Parts

  8. Print

    publish web form in sharepoint

  9. Publish: Here you can publish the form by assigning to the list and publishing to your list and Document Library.
  10. Export Source Files: Here you can export the files of the form and publish it to different lists.

Here we end the article completing all components of InfoPath forms in the two articles Part 1 and Part 2, as I always said.

Keep Learning,


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