Save as Template Feature in SharePoint 2013 and Office 365

Hello Readers!

Here we have a new article on the use of the functionality of Save as Template in SharePoint 2013 and Office 365.

It is an awesome feature that helps developers save a lot of time and is ideal. This feature comes in part when you need to have a list or a library similarly to the existing one. This may include content or not depending on the user’s desire.


Let’s see what it has.

  • File Name: Specify the name of the template file.
  • Template Name: Specify the name and a brief description about the template.
  • Include Content: This is an important feature, here when you are saving the template you have an option to save the content or not.

This will help you to use the content again with a duplicate library.

Now, the following shows how to create it:

  • Click on Site Settings.

    add an app

  • Click on Add an app.

    Add an app

  • Your template will be visible here.
  • Select the template and create a new Document Library, you will get the same set of content types, columns and content if selected duplicated.

Thereby saving much effort and time.

Keep learning,

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