Introducing Office 365 Video Portal in SharePoint

Welcome Readers.

SharePoint, as we all know, is a best app in Content Management where it doesn’t only share the documents, it also helps us to view it on its platform.

Yes, in a similar way, when you upload a video and want to view it, you will not need to download it and view it from your local installed player. Earlier SharePoint would only allow you to store and play video files but now it is providing you a complete portal.

A video portal where you can not only store videos in a library but can have it build a complete portal with channels, new video player, rich look and feel and many more features.

How to create this portal

  • Go to the SharePoint Admin Center
  • In the left navigation pane, select Settings.
  • Under the Streaming Video Service section select Enable streaming video using Azure Media Services and enable the Video Portal.
  • Go to the Office 365 top navigation bar; you will be able to see a tab as Video.

  • Click in the Video Tab.

  • As it says, “Let’s go”.
  • Welcome to the Video Portal of Office 365.

  • Here you will be able to see a portal with the videos that will be categorized as Popular and Corporate and you can have more categories based upon your choice.

  • When we see the category we will be able to see all the videos in the center and a left navigation with a quick search on the Duration and the file uploaded date, in other words the created date.

  • Here we have a new media player for the videos to be played.

  • Here comes the best part of sharing, how to share a big file.

I have an answer, when you click on the share, it will connect to your Outlook and open an email with the link of the video files in the site as in the following screen shot.

  • Not only this, we have another option, the “Yammer”. So just login and share.

  • Lastly we have a feature of using Channels. Channels is a medium to distinguish a video based on departments or Designation and so on.

This division helps you to assign your videos to specific channels that will be viewed by a certain set of people in those categories, since it is for the entire community or for the corporate or for globally SharePoint online, thereby helping you to provide a single access to users based on channels.

A video portal that will help us to experience a new platform for storing and viewing videos providing users a real user-friendly way to use the portal. Keep Learning.


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